The increasing use of organic fertilizer & Bio Pesticide for agriculture is being advocated widely for reasons known and understood by all. Irresponsible use of chemicals in soil and on plants have shown serious effects on quality of output and its impact on human and cattle health. Its high time we restrict use of synthetic harmful chemicals and replace it with botanical, bio and biological solutions.

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A Bio Fertilizer manufacturer produces fertilizers that are made from natural materials, such as plant residues, animal manure, and microorganisms. These fertilizers are used to improve the nutrient content of soil and promote the growth of plants. Biofertilizers can be an effective alternative to synthetic fertilizers, as they can help to reduce the amount of chemicals in the environment and improve the overall health of the soil. Some common types of biofertilizers include compost, manure, and nitrogen-fixing bacteria. To produce biofertilizers, manufacturers typically collect and process raw materials, such as animal manure or plant residues, and mix them with microorganisms to create the finished product. The biofertilizers are then packaged and sold to farmers, gardeners, and other customers. Visit Here:

Suraj Shree Chemicals Ltd - Delhi