Shakti Krupa Charitable Trust

Service to Mankind

Working With Us(Education)

Job Specification of the teacher
  • Should be conceptually clear about the subject
  • Should have thorough knowledge of the subject & proper way of communicating this knowledge to students.
  • Should be Smart, Healthy, and Clean and polished in manner with a superb expression of the language.
  • Should take work with full commitment and dedication and make teaching-learning process quite interesting.
  • Should have proper planning of teaching and should know How & When these plans are to be implemented.
  • Should look to individual differences of students in the class & pay special attention to those who are shy & neglected.
  • Should use proper techniques of teaching with a fine style of questioning
  • Should always assess the progress of students and develop interaction system among them.
  • Should make curriculum very scientific according to the age, stage & situation of the students
  • Should not work as teacher with imposing authority but as a guide and friend to reach their mental level.
  • Should give proper attention of developing Health, Attitude towards society & nation
Job Description of the teacher / Behavioral Traits of the Teacher
  • Desire to Teach & Learn
  • Should be Empathetic, Enthuistic.
  • Committed & Dedicated.
  • Helpful & Understandable.
  • Mannered, Disciplined & Punctual.
  • Healthy & Clean.
  • Experience & Academic excellence.
  • Computer Literacy.
We shall offer
  • A rewarding salary and benefits comparability with other schools.
  • Conveyance facility. (From Baroda.)
  • Residential Facility. ( In Hostel )
Your application are expected by us if you have
  • Experience in teaching
  • Willingness to act as a role model to all students.